The team of Xinmei Packaging Co., Ltd. gathered at Tiantai Mountain to get close to nature and share the unique charm of Guoqing Temple and spectacular waterfall

On a sunny morning, the employees of Xinmei Packaging Co., Ltd. with excitement and anticipation, set out on a one-day tour to the Guoqing Temple and Tiantai Waterfall in Tiantai Mountain, Zhejiang. This activity is not only to enhance the communication and cooperation between the team, but also to provide an opportunity for employees to relax and get close to nature after the intense work.

The team is marching on the picturesque national road, the scenery outside the window is picturesque, and the green eyes make people relaxed and happy. When the team arrived at the Guoqing Temple, the eye was greeted by the simple and solemn temple buildings and the quiet and solemn Buddha statues, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere came. Everyone stopped to take photos and feel the charm of the thousand-year-old temple.

After lunch, the team members went to the spectacular Tiantai Mountain waterfall. In front of the waterfall like the Milky Way upside down, huge, shocking. We walked up the stone steps, feeling the cool water mist and enjoying the magnificence of the waterfall. Here, everyone seems to be in the arms of nature, enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

The group construction activity not only let the employees of Xinmei Packaging Co., Ltd. release the pressure, enhance the friendship and trust between each other, but also deepen their sense of identity of the company's corporate culture. Everyone said that this activity made them feel the care and warmth of the company, and also inspired them to be more enthusiastic to work.

At the end of this energetic and creative day, the employees of Xinmei Packaging Co., Ltd. returned to the company with a full harvest and a happy mood. This one-day tour of Tiantai Mountain Guoqing Temple and Tiantai Mountain Waterfall is undoubtedly an unforgettable team building trip, but also a spiritual baptism and sublimation. We look forward to Xinmei Packaging Co., Ltd. in the future to continue to maintain this unity and cooperation, positive spirit, for the company's development into a steady flow of vitality and power.

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